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Playing Casino Keno

Casino Keno is a pretty straightforward game, with simple rules that may be understood even by a gambling novice. Keno lounges are usually the areas in the casino with couches and tables convenient for contemplating and marking down your chosen numbers. A ticket will be provided for you to fill out. A Keno ticket looks somewhat like a lotto or a bingo ticket, with numbers 1 through 80.

20 winning numbers are drawn from this 80. The results are displayed in Keno boards that can be easily consulted by the player. Your payoff will depend on your 'Catch'. 'Catch' refers to the number of house drawn numbers that matches your chosen numbers, as marked in your Keno tickets. Your ticket will have spaces where you will indicate your 'Spots' (or sometimes referred to as 'Numbers'). If you are playing 7 numbers, then you are said to playing a '7 number spot'. Aside from marking these seven numbers, you would also have to indicate this in the space provided on your Keno ticket. Although this may seem redundant, this basically protects the house from fraud.

After you have decided on your numbers and completing everything on your Keno ticket, you are then to proceed to the teller, or Keno operator. This is usually a line much like a bank teller queue. Come your turn, you are to hand in your completed Keno ticket for verification as well as your bet (or bets) for this round. The Keno operator will then provide you with a receipt containing your numbers and your bet, or a duplicate of your ticket depending on their system. Make sure that you verify that you have been given the right numbers as in your original. This will save you having a heart attack if you have a big win only to discover later that it was an error.

There is really nothing else to do once you have surrendered your ticket but to wait for the other Keno players to complete the same process, and for the house to declare the game 'Closed'. Shortly thereafter, the draw begins and you will know if you have won anything.

The house usually provides brochures with guides regarding Keno payoffs. In your ticket is also a space provided where you will indicate your 'Bet'. The bet amount depends on you, but bet limits are set by the Casino and are usually also included on their brochures. The more 'Catch' you have, the higher the payoff is. For instance, if you are playing a '7 number spot', it naturally follows that getting 5 numbers right will get you a higher payoff than getting 3. Similarly, betting 5 dollars on that particular Keno game will get you a higher payoff than if you bet 1 dollar. Getting lesser than 3 numbers deems your Keno ticket worthless, and you would just have to try your luck in the next game.

A player is allowed to pick 1 to 15 numbersin Casino Keno , more in some Casinos (but more the exception than the rule). The more numbers that you mark, the more that you have to 'Catch' to win. Again, the house will provide you with information regarding Keno payoff. But it is safe to say that the payoff for more 'Spots' is directly proportional to that of lesser 'Spots'.

You have to option to reuse your ticket, saving you the effort of having to write the information again. This applies to both winning and losing tickets. In some cases, this can be indicated beforehand in the ticket, or a house staff will approach you and ask if you would like to play it again and make appropriate markings. Or if you have a winning ticket, upon claiming your winnings, the Keno operator will ask you if you would like to play it again, and automatically deduct the ticket cost from your earnings.

This is practically all there is to playing the basic Casino Keno game. Enjoy!

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