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Playing Online Craps

The rules in playing online craps and land-based craps are the same. Even the craps bets and the payoffs are the same in the two varieties of the craps game. The difference lies on how you play the game of craps online and how you play craps in a casino.

In a land-based casino there are four personnel operating the craps table. They are the craps boxman, the two craps dealers placed in either side of the boxman and the craps stickman. The craps boxman colors out craps players, protects the chips and manages the dealers.

The two craps dealers are responsible for paying and collecting the bets whereas the stickman collects the dice via his long wooden stick, announces the result of each dice roll and is in charge of the bets placed in the middle of the craps table. The craps stickman sits directly opposite the boxman.

In an online casino however, the stickman is a program and not a person that prompts the online craps player on the things to be done, when these things have to be done and the actions need to be taken.

The craps online dealer is also a computer program that provides the needed denominations for the chips in betting, and even assists the online craps player if he wants to change the amount of his bet. Both these two programs help the online player in calculating the best odds and in getting the best advantage in playing.

If in a real casino you would need the craps dealer to change your money, to place your bet and even give you your winnings, in an online casino all the online player needs to do is simply click on the desired amount to be bet from his bankroll, click on the place where he wants to place his bet and roll the dice to see if he won or not.

Collecting the money is even made easier as the online craps player needs to simply click on the betting area and the money will automatically transfer to his bankroll.

Even in rolling the dice the online player needs only to click on the roll dice button and watch as the dice rolls without even having to physically roll the dice himself. Indeed technology brought man to new and better heights. Playing online craps is one of them.

It gives ease and convenience to the craps player as he only needs to hook-up to an internet connection and he is ready to play craps. No more long, tiring drives to the casino. Truly, we have come into a new age of playing our favorite dice game: craps.

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