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Playing Bingo? No Gameboard Please!

Some bingo patterns are very complicated that if you are a gambling player who is new to bingo, you might get confused. This is why a gameboard is placed beside the bingo board to guide those who are just starting to learn bingo. However, you should not always depend on the game board. Don't you think it's kind of embarrassing to be over-dependent on the gameboard? To avoid this embarrassment, be familiar with not only the simple bingo patterns but also the complicated ones.

Here are some of those bingo patterns:

Lucky # 7 - just imagine how you would write the number seven, and that's it. In this pattern, gambling players must cover all the numbers on the top row, plus the diagonal pattern to complete the set.

Postage stamp - this bingo pattern is called as such because it simply resembles a postage stamp. Here, a gambling player must be able to cover four numbers on a 2x2 grid anywhere on the bingo card.

Two postage stamps - obviously, this is a variation of the postage stamp pattern, only that the gambling player must form not only a single postage stamp pattern on his bingo card, but two postage stamps.

Postage Stamp plus three corners - in this bingo pattern, gambling players aim to form a postage stamp pattern covering any of the corners on his bingo stamp. Then, the numbers on the remaining three corners of the gambling player's bingo card must also be covered for him or her to win.

2 x 4 - a variation of two postage stamps, but the difference here is that the postage stamps must be placed side by side, creating a 2x4 grid, hence the name 2 x 4. Not just any two postage stamps will do.

Six Pack - the gambling players must cover the numbers forming a 2 by 3 grid, without using the free space to accomplish this pattern. This is also hard because you cannot use the free space, like in the pattern hardway.

Block 'o nine - the name of this pattern explains it all. The gambling players must cover the numbers forming a block consisting of nine numbers.

Checkmark - like in the lucky # 7, you just have to visualize how a checkmark looks like to understand how this pattern is formed. To accomplish the checkmark pattern, the gambling players must form a diagonal pattern and the three bottom numbers in the B column.

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